Veritas Global Protection
Select PLANS

Our Veritas Global Protection Select Program was developed with the franchise dealer in mind. Our Select Program offers coverage on both new and used vehicles with terms of up to unlimited miles and unlimited years. In addition to limited time and unlimited miles policies, we also have terms of 3–120 months and up to 250K miles.

All our Veritas Global Select programs have limits of liability of actual cash value. In addition, Select Programs include roadside assistance, towing, travel expense reimbursement, and a rental car program.


Veritas Global Select Plans Materials



Covers components outside the manufacturer’s warranty, exclusionary coverage applies except for those components listed under the exclusions section of the contract.


Covers nearly every mechanical component on the vehicle with the exception of those items contained in the exclusions section of the contract.


Includes all Components Covered by Premier in Addition to:

Expanded Steering Component Coverage (4 Wheel)• Cooling System Components• Expanded Electrical Component Coverage• Enhanced Electrical Components• Rear Suspension and Expanded Suspension Component Coverage• Fuel Delivery System Components• Fuel Delivery System Components• Anti-Lock Brakes Components (ABS)• Expanded Air Conditioning Component Coverage• Seals and Gaskets in Connection with a Covered Repair


Includes all Components Covered by Powertrain in Addition to:  

Air Conditioning System Components• Air Conditioning System Components• Steering (Power/Manual) Components• Sports Utility Components• Front suspension components• Fuel System Components• Fuel System Components• Seals & Gaskets in connection with a Covered Repair• Electrical Components• Break System Components


Gas or Diesel-Stated Components

• Engine• Engine• Drive Axles• Transmission• Transfer Case (4X4)• Transfer Case (4X4)• Turbo/Supercharger• Seals & Gaskets in Connection With Repair of a Covered Component